Five Trends That Will Shape Our Business in 2017

By December 16th, 2016

My thoughts on the key trends that will affect our business in the coming year – from the role of data-driven insights to the next hot content region.

1. Brand Partnerships & Connectivity

In the race to achieve in-flight connectivity, the persistent issues of cost and passenger take-up has given rise to conflicting expectations, both from an airline and passenger perspective. Replicating the home experience in the sky has proven to be a challenge and, even when achieved, does not always deliver a value-added experience for the end user.

We are using data-driven insights and analysis in this area to drive a different strategy: one that takes a content-first approach – delivering live experiences, sponsorship, subscriptions, loyalty and incremental revenues to our clients. Our own Katrin Kopvillem, EVP Global Corporate Development and Henry Gummer, VP Content shared more on our strategy at this year’s APEX EXPO in Singapore.

2. Data to Drive Lasting Customer Impressions

The impressions made by people or events in the course of a journey have an enormous impact on a customer’s experience, their perception of a brand and their loyalty. The customer experience lives in these memories on and off the flight, and it’s our job to ensure the memorable and positive moments outweigh any negatives.

We are working with consumer behavior experts to analyze and gain an even deeper understanding of the vast potential of the content-rich touch points across the entire airline customer experience. This data analysis will drive insights and innovations targeting specific demographics, from the increasingly influential millennial audience to the family-focused traveler.

3. The Increase in Offline PlayBack

Some game-changers are born and some are thrust upon us. As the over-the-top (OTT) market begins to embrace the ‘store-and-forward’ model of watching programs, more passengers are going to be downloading their favorite Netflix, Amazon or iPlayer content to watch on their own devices. Airlines represent great opportunities to convert new subscribers and we will be framing such agreements across a range of exciting content partnerships.

4. March of the Bots

Robots have already started to replace bankers and lawyers, thank goodness! It should be expected that correlating data and passenger journeys with relevant content, information and opportunities enable the design of new intelligent customer experiences, whether it be entertainment-, destination- or commercially-driven. Our commitment to the development of personalization in our PROFILE digital product will start to capture the potential of artificial intelligence.

5. China Leading the Heat-Map for Content

At the tail end of decades of state censorship, the content market in China is growing in unexpected ways. The growth of bilateral co-productions like Steven Spielberg and Jack Ma’s Amblin Pictures partnership, or investment by Chinese companies in the USA’s entertainment infrastructure like Wanda’s one billion USD acquisition of AMC make for interesting potential as new content is produced for the world’s second biggest market.

Staying ahead of the trends is our new programming unit in Hong Kong, keeping our customers’ interests ever present in that marketplace.