2012 is Shaping Up as the Year of Consolidation

By January 20th, 2012

This isn’t a new idea. But it’s something that is floating around in so many different places that it’s starting to feel true. In the content business, I’ve always told my editors that spotting an idea twice is coincidence, but three times is a trend. I didn’t make that up either. But I believe it. A big idea from last year’s International Content Summit focused on Slow Content (I wrote this up in Sparksheet here). More than one speaker talked of consolidation. When Google+ went big last year, I wondered about social media overload. And now Chris Brogan, smart guy that he is, has labeled 2012 as the Year of Consolidation. And this is good news for everyone. The rush to “new” is going to slow down, while we start to take deep breaths (yes, collectively) and hunt out quality. Good ideas will trump flash. This is good news for all content marketers who believe in substance to drive results. And maybe, just maybe, the internet will stop being an outlet for cute kitties. (not that we have anything against kitties….)