IN-Lan Magazine Launches First Instagram Contest

By March 19th, 2015

IN-Lan magazine launched its first Instagram contest last week, in partnership with Santiago Adicto (@santiagoadicto). Followers of @revista_in can participate by uploading their best summer photo, including the hashtag #veranointerminable (never-ending summer), before March 31 for the chance to win two tickets on LAN Airlines. Here’s what Roberto Schiattino, director of content at Spafax Chile, had to say about this exciting milestone for IN-Lan.

Where did the idea for the contest come from? Why #veranointerminable?

March is an in-between month for us. Technically, it’s still summer, but everybody is back to work or school. The concept of a never-ending summer is fun and makes you feel like you’re still on vacation!

Why Instagram?

Instagram is incredibly popular in South America and it’s where our increasingly mobile readers are spending more and more of their time. It’s also a wonderful “words and pictures” platform that’s ideal for storytelling. And all of our readers and LAN’s customers have a story to tell!

What makes Instagram different from other platforms?

Instagram generates high levels of “quality engagement” with users. Generally it’s a more positive community than other social platforms. We’re also relatively new to Instagram so we felt this was an ideal way to build our community and communicate with our readers on yet another platform.

Are you bringing other platforms into play?

Yes, we’re directing users to for contest rules. We’ll also be featuring a gallery of the entries there.

What role does the print magazine play in your Instagram activity?

We use it to drive our readers to Instagram via print call-outs and reminders – and we use Instagram to drive our followers to the print magazine. The winners will be featured in print and that’s something that readers, no matter how digitally aware, still put a lot of value on.