Spafax and Visa Help LAN Passengers Save Time While Traveling

By February 6th, 2015

As an agency immersed in the travel industry, we know that time is valuable, especially when you’re on the go.

When we realized that Latin American travellers tend to choose exchange bureaus and banks over ATMs to address their financial needs while abroad, we found a way to help those travellers save time. It involved Latin America’s largest airline, LAN, and Visa.

In order to drive inbound consumers to make a quick stop at the ATM before leaving the airport, ads promoting the service were placed in IN, LAN’s inflight magazine, on inflight video screens, on 240 screens spread out in airports, and on airport maps which included “Visa points” demonstrating the closest ATM location in each destination terminal.

Over 600,000 international passengers were exposed to the campaign per month during flight. Visa showed positive increases in long term impact metrics such as a 9% increase in inbound withdrawals and 7% increase in number of transactions.

In 2014, this campaign was awarded a Pan-Latin America Award, part of the Festival of Media.

Eliane Nobile, Spafax Exclusive US Representative for LAN Airlines Inflight Media, said:

The media environment is more diverse than ever, especially in Miami where Latin American as well as International advertising budgets and planning are done for a regional reach.  Media options are abundant, and clients are seeking innovative ways to effectively get their brand message out.  By offering media options that are “out of the box”, creative and effective such as this, we remain competitive, innovative and in the forefront of the inflight media category!