How to be a Great Leader

By January 16th, 2015

Spafax Sales Director Steve O’Connor shares his tips on great leadership.

Throughout my career in media sales, I have been fortunate enough to work with strong leaders, however, I have also encountered bad ones. I consider this a good thing — how do you know what’s right if you haven’t experienced what’s wrong? Here’s a poem that sums up the skills that a great leader should possess.

To inspire and lead,
To share knowledge to all, not just to those in need

To educate, not dictate, and lend an ear
Not just once a year

Know when something is wrong
And offer to help, no matter how long

Set targets and be realistic
Motivate and don’t be restrictive

Reward behaviours that are right
They will be repeated day and night

Develop your team and show them the way
In making a difference every single day

Don’t be “all lordly” because you’re the boss
Remember that your team sometimes will feel lost

To lead is a challenge but your firm believes in you
So look at your team and believe in them too

If you struggle, ask for some direction
Because bad leadership delivers nothing but failure and defection

So remember the rule, lead with desire
Be the one that is seen with passion and fire

Now take this poem and increase its readership
Because from now it’s all about great leadership