Raymond Girard and Simon Hobbs On Joining Forces to Create Bookmark

By October 21st, 2016

As announced earlier this month, our content marketing teams in the Americas and EMEA region have joined forces to create a new company called Bookmark Content and CommunicationsAs a single global content marketing company, Bookmark can not only deliver great content experiences to clients, they can export their combined skills on a global scale. Leading the charge are co-CEOs Raymond Girard (Americas) and Simon Hobbs (EMEA), whom I had a chance to catch up with when they were together for the Bookmark launch event in London.


Joining  Forces

“At Bookmark, we do everything you would expect from a traditional content marketing agency… but actually, the two agencies coming together has brought us all these extra services and abilities that we don’t necessarily have in every market,” said Simon.

“We are very much the positive face of globalization.”  – Raymond Girard, co-CEO at Bookmark

Combined, the company now has offices in nine cities (Lima, London, LA, Montreal, New York, Santiago, Singapore, Shanghai and Toronto) on four continents. “We are very much the positive face of globalization,” said Raymond. “We have over 200 highly adaptable people working for us who understand that content has to be adapted and changed and ensure that it connects with the global audience.”

A Unique Offer

Though both content marketing companies have been highly successful agencies on their own, together they create what Raymond and Simon refer to as their “secret sauce.” Added Raymond: “It is the idea of cultural adaptability and the fact that we can pick up in any culture of the world… and take on a contract for leading brands.”

“Spafax is very much in Bookmark’s DNA.” –Simon Hobbs, co-CEO at Bookmark

And with a client roster that already includes the likes of American Express Travel, LATAM Airlines, Patek Philippe and Tesco, both Raymond and Simon are keen on working closely with Spafax to develop new and existing business. “Spafax is very much in Bookmark’s DNA,” said Simon. “We’ll be developing new means of reaching their customers and we want to very much continue to be part of Spafax and develop together.”

What’s Next?

So what does the global content and communications company have in store for the coming months? Tune in to find out as Raymond and Simon take questions from Spafax employees around the globe and share their different (yet similar) takes on the three words that describe their new brand.