Katrin Kopvillem and Henry Gummer Talked Connected Entertainment at APEX 2016

By November 15th, 2016

The increase of passenger connectivity in the aircraft has opened up a world of in-flight entertainment (IFE) possibilities.  At Spafax, we’ve looked at in-flight connectivity from the perspective of the main stakeholders – airlines, consumers and the brands who want access to the in-flight audience – and believe there is an untapped opportunity to a provide a customer-centric IFE solution that benefits everyone.

Katrin Kopvillem, EVP Global Corporate Development and Henry Gummer, VP Content shared more on our strategy at this year’s APEX EXPO in Singapore. Here are some of the highlights.

Engagement as the Holy Grail 

Katrin began the session by outlining the status quo around conversations in in-flight connectivity: “A lot of the discussions we’re involved in are trying to determine what the price point should be,” said Katrin, emphasizing that if driving revenue is the objective, the primary focus should be around providing passengers with a portal that is engaging and easy to use and not simply driving uptake. “If nobody’s interested in the portal… you won’t be able to drive that engagement which is the Holy Grail of making any [revenue] objectives come to pass.”

katrin-kopvillem-headshot“Engagement is the Holy Grail of making any [revenue] objectives come to pass.” – Katrin Kopvillem, Spafax


Expectations in a Connected World

And though many of us recognize the value of providing passengers with an engaging IFE experience, Henry highlighted that if airlines want to deliver on passenger expectations, we must take a closer look at how consumers are already engaging with digital content services on the ground. “In a connected environment, you already have curated a series of short links to the trusted media entertainment and information brands that you use on a daily basis,” he said, adding that passengers expect and want the same brands available to them in the IFE space.

spafax-business-photo“There’s a huge appetite for brands like Netflix and YouTube.” – Henry Gummer, Spafax


To drive home the point, Henry presented the audience with key insights from our research on passenger connectivity with Kantar Media, which confirms that 52 percent of passengers want to stream video via the web. “There’s a huge appetite for brands like Netflix and YouTube,” said Henry. “We think there’s a real opportunity to connect with these brands and offer them a sampling opportunity in this space where they can present their content to a high-value audience.”

The User Experience Checklist

Katrin and Henry left the audience with some key guidelines to achieve a content portal that converts:

  • Navigation: Use simple, spatial and intuitive navigation.
  • Content-First Approach: Allow customers to access content quickly.
  • Partner Branding: Offer up aspirational brands.
  • Range: Promote what is possible with dynamic rotation of content hooks and teasers.
  • Smooth & Consistent: Don’t overstretch what your system is capable of.
  • Personalization: Offer relevant content based on what you know about your audience.
  • Onward journey: Lead users from one piece of video to the next (that you’ve lined up for them).
  • Payment: Make it frictionless and painless!

Download the full presentation slides here