Sparksheet’s Top Three Reads for May 2015

By May 7th, 2015

With Google implementing its much-anticipated mobile-friendly search algorithm, companies are rushing to create responsive websites for their SEO campaigns. Internet marketer Brad Shorr makes the case for mobile web design that marries marketing with a focus on user-experience.

Since last week was National Superhero Day, we’ve been thinking about the role that caped crusaders play in the marketing world.  SkilledUp’s Lee Bob Black explains how cartoons can be used to exemplify the values of your brand and give readers the warm fuzzies.

Whether a company is using YouTube or Instagram, cutting through the noise can be difficult. Influence expert Joe Griffin has some tips on how to make sure your messages are being heard, using influencer marketing, psychology and the power of Rock ‘n Roll.

We hope you enjoy this month’s reads, until next time!


Thumb_UXWeb Design: Where UX and Marketing Meet

With the scoop on Google’s new mobile-friendly search algorithm, the importance of sticky navigation and more, Straight North marketing director Brad Shorr knows what your company needs to craft a website user experience that’s a match for its brand.



Thumb_Comics‘Faster than a Speeding Brand’: Cartoons and Company Identity

Lee Bob Black, senior writer and editor for SkilledUp, explains how a few speech bubbles or a talking dog can exemplify the values of your brand and give readers the warm fuzzies.




ThumbRockFive Truths About B2B Influencer Marketing

Influencer expert Joe Griffin unpacks five ways B2B brands can capitalize on influencer marketing.