Sparksheet’s Top Three Reads for August 2015

By August 6th, 2015

Frequent flyers are finding themselves crammed and we’re not just talking about the middle seat. With “Diamond” surpassing “Gold” as the coveted reward status, frequent flyer rewards are becoming increasingly convoluted. Spafax’s Fraser Ballard urges airlines to cut the class and focus on offering tangible rewards for elite flyers.

Airlines aren’t devoting all their creativity to implementing new reward statuses. Many airlines are thinking outside of the (router) box when it comes to offering inflight Wi-Fi. Take JetBlue, which has partnered with Amazon to offer free Internet to Prime members. The Cranky Flyer, Brett Snyder, looks at the increasingly dynamic world of inflight entertainment.

Coffee has often been the drink of choice while waiting at the terminal, but tea popularity is taking off. Companies like David’s Tea are countering coffee culture and Jeff Swystun examines how this bold brand is transforming from niche to mass market.

Frequent Flying: A “Class” Actelite status thumb

In the many-tiered world of business flying, even the supposedly elite get crammed into economy. Spafax’s Fraser Ballard urges airlines to cut the class and offer frequent-flyers something tangible for their miles.

JetBlueNewThumbJetBlue Takes High-Speed Wi-Fi Airborne

Inflight Wi-Fi has mainstreamed, but not all airlines are taking full advantage. The Cranky Flier, Brett Snyder, looks at the dynamic world of inflight entertainment and how JetBlue is leading the pack with unexpected partnerships.

David’s Tea: The Brand and BusinessDavidsTeaNewThumb

Tea is gaining grounds in North America’s coffee culture and David’s Tea is looking to expand and modernize the millennia-old industry. Jeff Swystun examines the standing power of this bold brand as it steps onto the stock exchange and transitions from niche to mass market.