10 Steps Toward Media Sales Success

By December 17th, 2014

Spafax Sales Director Steve O’Connor shares his tips for media sales success.

Success is driven by belief. If you don’t believe, it just won’t happen. Believe every single day that you will succeed and you will.

Make a Difference
Make a difference to yourself, to your colleagues or to your clients. To want to make a difference shows that you care.

Be Remarkable
Stand out from the crowd, make sure your clients know you. Do something unexpected – send that holiday card, send a thank you email. Be remarkable and you will create client relationships that your competitors can’t compete with.

Listen to those around you, to those sales calls across the room, to your manager. Learn as much as you can from others.

Set Goals
Write it down and work as hard as possible to achieve it, then set another. Never give up on your dreams, they will happen.

Grasp Opportunities
Opportunities may arise but it’s up to you to take advantage of them. Don’t ever let one pass you by.

Follow the Process
Probe (ask questions), confirm (that this is what you’re looking for), match (your product to their needs) and close (secure that deal).

Research, Research, Research
Plan your day in advance and arrive at work prepared so that you can spend those hours at work growing your sales figures.

Change Behaviours
Shift your habits — get in earlier, stay a little later, help a colleague. Improve your behavior and you’ll notice positive results, then repeat! And if a colleague has done something great, let them know — behaviours that are rewarded are repeated.

Raise the Bar
Even if you’ve had your best sales week, tell yourself that next week, you will beat it. Never doubt what you can achieve.

If you do one thing differently today — change one behaviour, make one extra pitch, set just one goal — then you are one step nearer to media sales success than you were yesterday.