Spafax Santiago: 14 Awards in 2014

By December 19th, 2014

Tito Garcia, General Manager of Spafax Santiago, summarizes the past year’s highlights and looks ahead to 2015.

2014 was an eventful year for Spafax Santiago. What were some of the highlights?

This year marked the 10-year anniversary of in-Lan magazine. To celebrate, we launched an exclusive book and held an event at the GAM Contemporary Museum. Jerome Cadier, Chief Marketing Officer of Latam Airlines joined us for the celebration and our CEO, Niall McBain, and President of Content, Raymond Girard, flew in from the UK and Canada!

We also won a total of 14 awards for our work on in-Lan magazine, Access DIRECTV magazine, and Lollapalooza (five MAGs awards, three Content Marketing Awards, two Pearl Awards, and four Eddie Awards).

Spafax Lima opened its doors for the first time in September 2014 and we published the first Spafax-produced newspaper in-Peru, offered onboard LAN Peru’s domestic flights.

inPERU newspaper What would you say to those who consider newspapers “old news”?

Print’s not dead. The print and digital worlds complement each other. Look at Airbnb, which started out as a website and now also publishes Pineapple, a print magazine where members of the online community tell their stories. In our case, the client wanted a print newspaper so we started with that but we’re looking to expand in-Peru into a multi-platform product.

What kinds of projects are in the works for 2015?

As always, we’re looking to maximize our creativity in design and content for LAN Airlines, including developing products for the market in Ecuador. We’re also focusing on strengthening our digital services for existing and potential clients.