Spafax in the News: BBC Business Live with our CEO Niall McBain

By April 14th, 2016

Image credit: BBC Business Live

Image credit: BBC Business Live

The Highlights

In case you missed it yesterday, our CEO Niall McBain appeared in studio on BBC’s Business Live series to discuss the niche market of in-flight entertainment.

BBC presenter Ben Thompson was eager to discuss the revenue potential behind such a captive audience, particularly on long-haul flights. “This must be a brilliant opportunity for you and one that you clearly cash in on,” said Thompson. Niall agreed and added that brands such as HSBC, Bacardi and Jaguar recognize the value of an in-flight audience and have partnered with Spafax to capitalize on in-flight advertising opportunities.

When asked by BBC presenter Sally Bundock how Spafax goes about choosing the content on offer for passengers, Niall was quick to point out that although the entertainment market is increasingly global, Spafax staff across our worldwide offices specialize in local content as well: “We’re having to dig deep to find emerging content in markets from Korea to Germany and elsewhere,” said Niall.

 “We’re having to dig deep to find emerging content in markets from Korea to Germany and elsewhere.” – Niall McBain

And although Bundock was half joking when she asked Niall about the potential of an in-flight chatbot, he did highlight Spafax’s focus on reaching passengers through their personal devices: “We’re very focused on personalization… the technology in people’s hands allows us to connect with people even when there isn’t a system on board.”

Watch the full interview here. (Note: video stream is available in the UK only)

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