Our Own Maura Chacko Set to Run for Second Term on APEX Board

By August 3rd, 2016

We’re thrilled to announce that our Vice President, Development, Maura Chacko will be running for her second term on the Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX) Board of Directors. The APEX Board represents a diverse cross-section of the association, and its Directors serve as advocates for the membership and help guide industry innovation. Spafax has been a proud member of APEX for more than 25 years.

Given our key role as a content service provider (CSP) within the in-flight entertainment (IFE) sector, we recognize the importance of being a part of the industry-changing conversations, and in her first year alone, Chacko has been a prominent voice for APEX’s CSPs. “It’s imperative that the board members embody a cross-section of APEX so, in my first year on the board, I set out to be a strong proponent for the content side of the business. New IFE technology often gets all the bells and whistles, but I truly believe that good content shines through on any platform,” says Chacko.

As the countdown to the 2016 APEX Board Elections begins, we sat down with Maura to discuss her candidacy and discovered that the APEX Board isn’t the only thing she’s passionate about running for – she trains for half-marathons two times a year!

Maura Chacko

What makes you an ideal candidate for the APEX Board of Directors?

Not only am I passionate about IFE, I’ve been a member of various APEX committees for several years, including the Multimedia Market, Education, Governance, and Membership committees and therefore have had the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the factors affecting the airline passenger experience. This knowledge, along with my current experience at Spafax and seven years experience with HBO, makes me an ideal candidate for the Board.

How do you think APEX can continue to stand out in an increasingly trade/exhibit crowded space?

While there are a number of excellent organizations that also focus on the airline passenger experience, APEX is a non-profit that exists solely to serve its members – this is often overlooked! As a board member, I have worked to ensure that we are creating events with only our member companies in mind.

“As a board member, I have worked to ensure that we are creating events with only our member companies in mind.”

Your favorite APEX event and why?

I love the APEX Multimedia Market because of its focus on content and it’s always in a fun location! This year’s edition was held in Amsterdam and Berlin is slated to be next year’s location.

Tell us something interesting about yourself that we wouldn’t learn from your resume alone. 

Anyone who knows me is keenly aware of my sweet tooth, particularly for ice cream. If you travel with me, you know that I like to start off my day with a run as I compete in two half marathons per year… which allows me to eat more ice cream!

The ballot for the 2016 APEX Board elections opens Monday, August 15, 2016 and runs until September 17, 2016. Voting members will receive voting instructions on August 15. Election results will be announced at the APEX EXPO in Singapore.